From the Pastor’s Study – December

A little boy and girl kissed their mommy goodbye at the airport when she left to spend a week with her parents in another state early one December.  As the boy and girl walked hand in hand with dad back toward the car to go home, the little girl asked, “Do you think mommy will ever come back home again?” Her big brother quickly responded, “I know mommy will come back again because she left her most prized possessions at home.” The little girl questioned him, “What are her most prized possessions?” The boy quickly responded, “Us!”

I have always loved December, Advent and the Christmas holiday!  For me there has always been a time of anticipation and excitement building up to Christmas; a time when I have always looked forward to being with family and friends and spending time with the people I love.  During December most of us –who have been truly amazingly blessed- go out of our way buying gifts, writing letters, and taking valued vacations to visit those we love; showing our loved ones that they are our most valued possessions.

One of the things I love about House of Prayer is that we don’t just give to others and care for others during December, but that we give from our abundance to others all year around. Many here understand that sharing the things of value that God has given us touches others, and as Christians we understand that this, at least in part, is what Christmas is about, sharing God’s love with others. Unfortunately, it’s all too easy to get so wrapped up in gifting and giving or receiving that we really do forget the real meaning of Christmas.

This year as you are hurrying about getting ready for Christmas, take time to slow down and remember that the real meaning of Christmas is simply the gift of knowing Jesus Christ. So as you are thinking about the most important way to show your family and friends, and even your neighbors and enemies that you love them, remember the best gift you can give them is a relationship with Christ.

An angel once said, “I bring you good news of great joy for all the people: to you is born this day in the city of David a Savior, who is the Savior, Christ the Lord.” Luke 2:10-11  

I hope you will remember this year, as you take time for family and friends, that the most important gift we too can give is the gift of Christ. Invite someone you know to join you on Christmas Eve for worship and ask if they know who Christ is.  Invite them to come and see!

Help someone to have a relationship with Christ. Knowing Christ has been the greatest gift ever given to me. It gives me hope for tomorrow no matter what today brings and it empowers me to give that same gift and love to others. – Thank you God, for the gift of your Son!

Pastor Dan

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