From the Pastor’s Study – September 2012

I often think about the fact that we are “House of Prayer Lutheran Church” and wonder if there are ways we might do a better job of praying for one another. Don’t get me wrong I do think it is one of the things we do well…  But I wonder, how might we pray even better?

A friend and colleague recently passed a story along to me and I want to share it with you… it’s very fitting as we again start school and in light of our name, House of Prayer.

“Throughout his life, he had known no greater fear. He didn’t really understand why he was afraid, he just felt scared. The big vehicle pulled out of traffic and headed for the curb in front of him. It completely filled his vision. His heart beat faster and his palms began to sweat.

“Mommy, I don’t want to go!” He cried as he turned and hugged one of his mother’s legs as tight as he could. He put his face in her skirt. Maybe if he held it there long enough the big yellow bus would leave.

His mother rubbed his shoulders and then gently turned him toward the bus. “It will be okay. When you go to the school we saw yesterday, you will meet some new friends. And in a couple of hours, the bus will bring you right back here. I’ll be waiting for you.”

The doors opened abruptly and the boy stood completely still. His mother led him up to the bus. He looked back at her, stared up at the bus driver, and then slowly climbed the stairs. The doors closed and the bus rolled down the street.

It was early afternoon when the bus returned to the curb. The boy flew out of the bus into his mother’s arms. “You wouldn’t believe how much fun school is!” he exclaimed. We had a lunch and everything.

As they walked to the house, he told his mother all the details of his day. A couple of moments passed after he finished. Then he asked, “Mommy, what did you do while I was at school?” She smiled and said, “I was praying for you.”  –  The boy looked up at her and asked with a hopeful voice, “Will you do it again tomorrow?”

I wonder what life would be like for all of us if we all had someone praying for us each day. This fall as children head off to school for the first time, or away to a new school or college, I encourage each of us to pick one or two students and/or teachers to pray for. This can be a time filled with apprehension and a wide variety of emotions. Let us bring one another before God and pray for God to guide them and be present with them so that each teacher and each student might become the kind of person God would like us to be. Let’s keep one another in prayer! And, let us be a House of Prayer for all people!

God’s peace to each of you,   Pastor Dan

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