Constitution Update

The preliminary work of the task force is completed.  Our proposal was given to the Council for review. It will be submitted to the Synod Office prior to September 1 for their approval and suggested changes.  We will present the proposal to the congregation and answer any questions at Faith Matters in November.  We will discuss the changes being made and explain the impact these changes have on the congregation.  Plan now to attend this meeting.  Copies of the proposal will be available prior to the meeting for review.

This task force includes the following members: Pam H., Irene K., Maren N., Mike S., and is led by Ron B.  A first meeting was held in February and the task of comparing the current constitution to that of the Model Constitution of the ELCA was begun.  The process is slow and challenging.  We have a goal of September 1 for completion. This is then submitted to the synod for approval before being presented to the congregation.  Please keep this Task Force and their work in your prayers.

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