Pastor Dan Streeper

Greetings! I am glad that you are checking out our Web site to learn more about the faith community of House of Prayer. Just before I began as Pastor here in August of 2010, the congregation wrote a Mission and Faith statement that I would like to share with you.

It reads…

House of People, Redeemed by God, Assembling in worship, Yielding to God's Word, Encouraging faith in others, and responding int loving service; for all people!We are ordinary people, doing God’s extraordinary work. We know that we all make mistakes and yet we have been redeemed by God. We assemble in worship to praise an abundant God and to yield to and learn from God’s Word. We strive to encourage faith in others by witnessing to our own faith and by offering ourselves in response to the needs of others in loving service. In so doing we strive to become a House of Prayer for all people. (Based upon Isaiah 56:7)

Christ said to the first disciples, “Come and see” and I encourage you to come and see the wonderful ways that House of Prayer strives to live out this mission. We are welcoming and strive to connect our faith to everyday life. We do this through worship, prayer, and service to our neighbor. If you check out our Ministries page and in particular our Social Ministry page you will see just some of the examples of how we strive to build relationships with our local community, the nation and the world. I am pleased also to share that we put our pockets where our hearts are, giving as much as 20% of our annual giving to a variety of charities and benevolences. We can only give, because God has blessed us with so much!

If you want to be part of a caring community who strives to live what it means to be Christian… and yes we make mistakes too… please ‘come and see’ what Christ is up to at House of Prayer! ALL are welcome! – Thanks be to God!

Pastor Dan.

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