Letter from Happy Sanga – Scholarship Recipient

The letter below is typed verbatim as it was received from Happy Sanga.

Dear Sponsor:

Happy Sanga at school

Happy Sanga at school

I’m very happy to write this letter to you.  I hope that your fine and your going well with your work.  Come to my side I am fine and I am going well with my studies.  I am in form four this year at Bomalang’ombe Secondary School.  I hope that at the end I will pass my national examinations.  I pray always to my Lord God so as to help me to pass my examinations.

The aim of this letter is to say thank you for paying my school fees.  My Lord God bless you and your family.  Because of you made me to get education.  I haven’t anything to say rather than to say thank you.  I hope that one day we will meet.

Yours faithfully,

Happy Sanga

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