“Journeying with Job” Bible Study

Suffering…no one is immune from it. Have you lost a loved one? a job? friendship? relationship? way of life? health? home?  During those times, what helped you? Gave you hope? Are you searching for hope? To help others, what can we do to walk with them during their painful times?  In the Old Testament, a story is told about a man named Job, a righteous man who lost EVERYTHING! What can we learn from his experiences? Let’s journey with one another as we go Journeying with Job, a six-week study at House of Prayer on Monday nights, starting April 16 at 6:30 p.m.

If you are interested or have any questions, please contact Caroline H. at (651) 485-2485 OR caroline.harthun@hotmail.com. OR sign up at the Welcome Center OR call the church office at (651) 777-1607.  “The focal point of the book is not God’s justice at all, but rather the problem of human pain: how Job endures it, cries out of it, wrestles furiously with God in the midst of it, and ultimately transcends his pain—or better, is transformed through it” (Ellen Davis, The Art of Living Well, from the chapter The Sufferer’s Wisdom: The Book of Job, page 122).

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