Ifunda Tanzania Partnership Update

Ifunda Demonstration Plot Visit May 2013

Ifunda Demonstration Plot Visit May 2013

They say, “Give a person a fish and you feed them for a day, but teach a person to fish and you can feed them for a lifetime!”

This is the thought behind some of the ministry we have been doing with our partner church in Ifunda Tanzania. We wanted you to know that our Sister congregation in Ifunda has been part of a three year agricultural project where local farmers are coached in best farming practices and taught improved use of seed, minimum tillage, soil and fertility management, and pest and disease control techniques. These efforts have increased crop yields to between 3 to 5 times what had been normally achieved by a village. This means that communities are now able to provide enough food for entire villages and to have enough for poor crop years.

One story in a recent “Helping People Grow” newsletter from Iringa, tells of  Beata Mgimba who farms ¾ of an acre. Before the Ag. Project she had a difficult time growing food for herself and her three children. Now, she is able to grow enough food for her family, and sell enough extra crop to pay the school fees and medical expenses for her children. In addition to corn crops we are also working side by side to help grow trees for wood crop and also flowers that can be used as natural pesticides. Thank you people of House of Prayer for helping to feed God’s people!

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