Women’s Bible Study begins Wednesday, October 5

Women’s Bible Study began Wednesday, October 5, at 6:30 pm at church. We will use the Bible Study materials from GATHER (formerly, Lutheran Woman Today): To Follow and To Serve: The Gospel of Mark. The study emphasizes what it means to follow Jesus Christ today. We are called to a living faith, a deeper and more courageous understanding of what it means to follow the one we first meet in Mark’s Gospel at his baptism at the River Jordan. To learn more about this Bible Study and to access/print a copy of the materials for Session #1, visit Lutheran-Woman-Today: Bible-study. Future sessions will be Moved to Nov. 9, Nov. 30, and Dec. 14 (all starting at 6:30 pm). To order GATHER, call 1-800-328-4648 (10 issues for $12).


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