Notes From the Synod Assembly


This weekend Gene H., Pastor Dan and I went to the synod convention.  I had never been before and was a bit apprehensive.  Not to worry.  It was a wonderful experience.  The keynote speakers were fantastic.  I got to see people that I hadn’t seen in a long time. And the food was pretty darn good, too!  The theme was “Living Lutheran: What Does That Mean?”  Well, it was very interesting to listen to all the speakers and to get such a wonderful insight into what “Living Lutheran” meant to them.  We voted on some key issues in the church and I came away with a whole new understanding of what “Living Lutheran” means.  I would encourage anyone to attend next year.  I know I will be there.  Jan S.


I really enjoyed the Fleshpots of Egypt, the band which did the music for songs sung during our worship services.  Also our speakers were really great.  Dr. Winston Persaud was just a joy to listen to.  Some words of wisdom I came away with were, “Don’t ever be ashamed of being a Lutheran or your Heritage!”  He also stated, “Jesus Christ died for You and I!” Also the happy exchange was “Jesus gives us his Righteousness and takes our Sin!”  These statements really hit home and caused me to really dwell on his words.

Also Dr. Rolf Jacobson was just an inspiration on his presentations and he is the leader of “The Fleshpots of Egypt”.  You really take notice and sit up and listen to all he has to say.  Dr. Rolf speaks from the heart!

I also learned that it isn’t completely wrong to not totally love Lutefisk and its okay to really enjoy the meatballs.

Our round table talks during the assembly were very informational and rewarding.

I was made aware of the budget for the Synod and how this money is divided and spent, and of all the good we as St. Paul Area Synod Christians are doing here in St. Paul, Minnesota, the USA, and the World.

The food and fellowship were excellent! I would recommend all people of House of Prayer to get involved in being a living Christian.  Gene H.

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