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Many of you have asked where your dollars go when offered to charities such as Lutheran Disaster Response or Lutheran Social Services. Since most of our Lutheran Social service dollars are used for local community needs. I would like to share with you some of the ways in which our Lutheran (ELCA) Disaster Response dollars are used. This money is also used all over the U.S., in places like Joplin, MO which was devastated by a tornado in 2011. Lutheran Disaster Response was the last charity organization to leave the devastated areas in New Orleans following Hurricane Katrina and still has help locations in surrounding Louisiana from this disaster. Below you will see a picture of a Lutheran church in Minot affected by spring flood waters.

Flood waters surround Augustana Lutheran in Minot.

Many of the ELCA Disaster Response dollars have been used to support continued relief efforts to those affected by the flooding along the Souris River in North Dakota. I am certain that our Christian brothers and sisters in Augustana church and in this community are extremely appreciative of your generous giving, prayers and support! I know that if this was a picture of House of Prayer, I would be very grateful for any assistance we received. Thanks for giving from what God has first given you!

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