Stewardship update June 2012

As we reported to you in April our financial situation at House of Prayer has been healthy but the reserves we have enjoyed in recent years have been used and we no longer have a cushion for unexpected expenses.  We also have a significant challenge factor this year in our budget.

The Stewardship Ministry Team has been gathering information from different sources on how we as a church can better manage our resources. We are still in the process of seeking information.

As we have met with different people they have praised our congregation for our mission mindedness.  They notice that our congregation is committed to helping others outside our church walls: in our neighborhood, our synod and in Tanzania. You are inspiring people with your willingness to reach out in so many places. This ministry is to be commended and it is what we are called to do as Christians.

In addition to our willingness to help others we are also faced with a church building that is aging and there are several maintenance items that will need to be addressed in the near future.  Our roof continues to leak.  Our boiler is aging even though it only is used for the preschool area of the building. It will have to be replaced if we can’t continue to repair it.  Our flooring in the fellowship hall, entry and sanctuary is near the end of its life. We have delayed replacing it for four years, but we can’t delay much longer. Our sound and visual systems in the sanctuary and fellowship hall really should be upgraded.

The Stewardship Committee will keep you informed as we develop plans to address these issues and as we all continue to do God’s work here at House of Prayer Lutheran.  – Pam H., Stewardship Ministry Team

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