Women of Hope – June 2013

  • C. LINDA S. served as Women of Hope’s delegate to CALLED TO RESPOND, the 25th Annual Convention for the Women of the St. Paul Area Synod, held April 12-13, 2013. Some highlights of the Convention: total attendance of 150 women; Diane Henning (St John’s in Lakeland) was elected President; Friday speakers included Bishop Peter Rogness and Debra Banks Williams (member of the ELCA Churchwide Board); and the 9th Triennial Convention and Gathering of Women of the ELCA is July 22-24, 2014 in Charlotte ND
  • (10th Triennial will be in Minneapolis in 2017). LINDA also brought some materials about preventing bullying, from a workshop she attended.
  • AN “APRIL SHOWERS” COLLECTION of infant and toddler items was the material offering for the East Central Cluster Meeting, held April 25, 2013. The items delivered by Deb Seyfer to the Harriet Tubman Center East (1725 Monastery Way, Maplewood) included 12 packages of diapers/pull-ups, 29 packages of wipes, 11 baby bottles, 11 sippy cups, 58 hygiene items [shampoo, lotion, powder, body wash, diaper rash ointment], and 3 safety car seats/booster seats. Workers at the Center were thrilled to see yet more evidence of the community’s support of their work.
  • THANK YOU!!!! for the ongoing commitment and donations to hospitality-related activities such as funeral receptions. Ensuring the kitchen and Fellowship Hall are cleaned up and put back to “apple pie order” is much appreciated, too. Judy K. and Bev B. lead our hospitality efforts for Women of Hope, so let them know about your availability. Bev and Judy have created detailed written procedures related to funeral receptions. God bless you for all you do for others.

Contacts: Deb S. or Irene K.

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