Faith Forward Update

To all members and friends of House of Prayer Lutheran Church,

What happened on Commitment Sunday?  It was a miracle! We prayed and God answered our prayers.  The Holy Spirit moved among us as we prayed for an expanding mission and ministry in 2014 and beyond.

The First Report of our Faith Forward Program indicates that 73 Faith Forward Fund pledges were received for a total of $235,562 over the three-year giving period. In addition, 79 pledges to the General Fund were received for a total of $138,692 towards our day-to-day ministry in 2014.  We were grateful to see 169 worshipers in church on Commitment Sunday and we celebrated with a delicious Thanksgiving Turkey dinner!

As you might guess, there are several individuals and families who were not able to attend worship on Commitment Sunday.  Know that we will be in touch with all of our members and friends who could not be present that day and we will continue to keep you updated on our progress.

A big – Thank You – to all who pledged to both funds.  Our commitments ranged from $0.25 weekly from one of our children to over $96.00 a week from four different families for the Faith Forward Fund. To those of you who are currently unable to assist financially, I also want to thank you for the many ways you support God’s ministry here through your time and your talent!

This weekend was truly “the day that the Lord has made” and we rejoice in it. All praise and thanksgiving to God for the many ways we have been blessed!

What does this mean as we move Forward in Faith? We will need $114,500 more in commitments to go over our goal of $350,000 for the Faith Forward Fund.  We continue to seek pledges from as many members as possible towards this goal.  We also seek to receive many more pledges for our 2014 ministry. Another piece of good news is that our Council has approved the recent refinancing of our current mortgage which will lower our annual interest rate from 6.25% to 4.125% for the next 5 years.

The load is never heavy when everyone lifts.  All of these things will help us to be successful with the ministry to which God has called us. Let us all look forward to Celebration Sunday on December 15, 2013 when all of our pledges will be dedicated to the honor and glory of God with special prayers of thanksgiving. We invite you to be part of that special day of worship as well!

Giving according to your commitments to the Faith Forward Fund and the General Fund begins on January 1, 2014.

Thank you and may Christ continue to bless each of you and the ministry of House of Prayer.

Sincerely in Christ, Pastor Dan Streeper

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