Staff Evaluation 360 degree feedback

Staff Evaluation 360 Feedback


Thank you for your willingness to provide feedback on House of Prayer staff. We have many talented staff members and use this feedback to encourage their work and help them know what is working and what is not. Where you are asked to rate please use this scale...
Rating Scale

5 - Superior: Performance is clearly outstanding in all phases of the position. The person’s achievements and contributions greatly exceed expectations, standards and requirements.

4 - Above Average: The person consistently performs at a higher level than the job requires.

3 - Average: Performance is satisfactory. The person meets job requirements and expectations.

2 - Below Average: Performance is adequate. The person meets most of the job requirements and expectations but needs improvement.

1 - Unsatisfactory: The person’s performance does not meet job requirements or expectations. Improvement is essential.

Unsure/Not Applicable: You are unsure of the expectations or you do not observe this part of the role.

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