Needed: Worship Coordinators

First of all, thank you to the faithful Worship Coordinators who take turns serving on Sundays getting the church ready for worship.  They are: Dave and Doreen, Dave B., Larry L., Larry and Kris, Pam H., Joyce K, and Roger and Dienne.  We are so grateful to all of these persons who serve our church in this way.

If there were more Coordinators, perhaps there could be two each Sunday dividing up the work.

If you are wondering what Worship Coordinators do, briefly they prepare the church every Sunday for Worship.  That means they arrive 45 minutes to an hour before the first worship service to open up the building, turn on lights, set out treats, make coffee, and in general prepare the worship space.  (The Altar Guild takes care of setting up for communion.)  After the service(s), the worship coordinators close down the church.  That means they oversee the ushers in straightening up the sanctuary, the nursery attendants in cleaning up the nursery and they clean up after the coffee social time in the narthex. In addition they re-adjust the thermostats, turn off lights and lock doors.  It is a very important ministry that is done behind the scenes. It helps assure that we are a welcoming church and that things run smoothly on a Sunday morning.

If you or someone you know would like more information about being a Worship Coordinator please call the church office.

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